Topographic Surveys

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Topographic Surveys

Using the very latest Total Station or GPS surveying instruments and data logger technology, raw data is collected and downloaded via ground modelling software producing compatible electronic drawings in 2D or 3D formats.

Total Station

Topographic Survey commissions are undertaken to National Grid and Ordnance datum on either small parcels or multi-hectare areas of green or brownfield land.  These surveys will be initially position by GPS, contoured at intervals of generally 0.5m, will show any adjoining boundaries, neighbouring building positions and heights, local drainage for new connection purposes, service covers, relevant infrastructure and all above ground features.

Total Station

On sites of redundant structures, additional to the field surveys, topographic surveys are carried out to provide the client with an 'As Built' prior to demolition.  Post demolition level surveys would then be carried out and cut into the original survey, keeping the surrounding features.

GPS Station

Typical Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey type sample


Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GPS) surveys are either positioned site centred with no scale factor or co-ordinated to Ordnance Survey National Grid (OSGB36)

GPS Machine